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You will learn how to trade the Forex, Crypto, Stock & Commodity markets. I will be teaching you my trading plan and method so that you to can become a full time trader. I'll be showing you how to apply what you have learnt in live markets while keeping low risk to your account and to maximise your profits. How to have a proper plan and method, accompanied by professional help, which in my view is essential to becoming a successful full time trader. 
The community is a place to share trades and to help each other out,
find patterns and get the opinions of other like minded traders that are all learning the same method.
One on One Help
To best help you with your trading and to ensure that you get the best help there is. I am offering my personal one on one time with you, that way you can ask any questions along the way. 
Live Webinars
There will be 2 weekly webinars for you to attend. On the Sundays webinar we will be looking for trades for the start of the week and the Wednesday we will focus on the trades for the last half of the week.

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